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Nikolaos Zacharias was employed by Lake Copais Co. Ltd in 1937. This allowed him to acquire knowledge that he later put to use. In 1946 he founded his winery and later his son, Athanasios Zacharias, refurbished the premises. The winery was upgraded with modern technology equipment. Nevertheless, Athanasios also had a passion for the art of distillation so in 1999 he established a modern distillery, the first in the region of Boeotia. This has successfully produced tsipouro since.


Memories have a way of lingering for years. They are passed down from one generation to the next and become part of the family history and family identity. Nikolaos, our grandfather, was the guide of the English commander. Every day he would take him to work to inspect the progress of the drainage works, and every day he watched the region change. This experience he related to his family. The British engineers built their homes in the area and moved their families here. They built roads, started farms, gardens, fields, but they also built a small distillery that was lost along with the lake. Lost?


Something is never lost when it has become a part of our existence; when it has become part of our life as we grew up.  These memories gave life to our distillery the "Lost Lake Distillery", and together with our memories the nymph of the lake has also come alive!


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