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Gentle Beast

gentle beast

The idea of GENTLE BEAST was first born in the cauldron of Grandma Stella who used to brag about her original recipes. Among them was a spirit with wild strawberries.


She used wild strawberries instead of sugar because, as she said, they gave her drink a caramelized fruit aroma that beguiled you and always made you want another glass. Much later, the house drink of our childhood would be called GENTLE BEAST.


Why GENTLE BEAST? Because despite its high alcohol content (beast), it remains gentle!


GENTLE BEAST is the first aged spirit from the rare Mouhtaro variety with organic strawberries. The strawberries were placed at the same time as the spirit in the barrel giving it a ripe and rich aromatic effect. It is the second product in a series of innovative products from Lost Lake Distillery, first in their category, for this and the 02 on the label. It is a cask-strength spirit, bottled exactly as it came out of the barrel, without adding water and without any processing, without filtering so that the notes and aromas found in it are more perceptible and tasty.


Distilled in discontinuous Copper Column Stills in Greece

Available only 500ml

Alcohol Content: 50,9% vol. (Second Batch)

Best Served: at temperature of 12-15 °C



1.000 bottles

in vintage 2021

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